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As a little company we get to see every order that comes to us by phone, mail and online. In fact we read, process, pack and mail every order personally.

Gingerbread World Blog - Gift Messaging Available for Christmas 2017
This year Gingerbread World introduced Gift Messaging to our online shop and we have been blessed as we read the beautiful greetings that our customers write to their gift recipients - messages from Moms and Dads to their adult children living in other cities, messages from Omas and Opas to their grand kids in different parts of Canada, messages from old friends to old friends, messages from patients to their doctors and from doctors to their patients!

It's not that I am being snoopy that I read the messages - sometimes I am typing them into the order when a customer has called or mailed or I am making sure that the spacing works out well when I am printing out online docs.

Many of the messages are short - Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, etc. But some of them are quite long and express affection, love and how great it would be to be together at Christmas.

Maybe I have been a little more moved by these messages this Fall because my own daughter is living in a different city and I am starting to understand what it feels like to not have someone you love right here where you can tell them these things in person. I feel very lucky that Mariel is coming home for Christmas!

Gingerbread World Blog - Gift Messaging Available for Christmas 2017
So we have worked hard to make sure your Christmas Greeting is visible to the receiver of the package and looks really good when they open it up to find out who the wonderful person is that has sent them yummy and beautiful treats imported from Germany.

This year when you send a gift from Gingerbread World it looks like this:
Gingerbread World Blog - Gift Messaging Available for 2017
We are so honored that you trust us with your Christmas shopping. We hope that this little addition to our service will make your gift just a little more special.

Our Gift Message to you:
Gingerbread World Blog - Gift Messaging Available for 2017

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