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Gingerbread World German Christmas Market Canada - Wendt & Kühn Globetrotter Angel

The Globetrotter Angel - Our Guide to Germany's Christmas Traditions

Welcome to our Travelogue - an exploration of the country where so many of our Christmas traditions originate and where so many of the scrumptious treats and beautiful ornaments and gifts are handcrafted - Germany.
Gingerbread World Wendt & Kuehn Canada - Globetrotter Angel with 24-karat gold-plated Suitcase
Every journey needs a guide and ours for the 2019 Holiday Season is remarkably well-traveled. The Globetrotter Angel has been spotted all over the world posing in front of major tourist attractions but has agreed to return to its home country to show us around!

Gingerbread World Wendt & Kuehn Canada - Globetrotter Angel with 24-karat gold-plated SuitcaseThe Globetrotter Angel is the special creation of the artisans and designers at Wendt und Kühn - a studio in the Erzgebirge region of Germany founded over one hundred years ago by Grete Wendt and Margarete Kühn. 

Although only 6 cm tall, this Angel strides out full of courage with a 24-karat gold-plated suitcase in hand and a heart full of joy! The Globetrotter Angel is available in our shop to accompany you on life's journeys or for you to give as a gift to friends and family. Part of the W&K Gold Edition, we have its partner Angel also available - the Companion Angel with gold-plated Pocket Watch.

Home for the Globetrotter Angel is the very pretty town of Grünhainichen southwest of Dresden. It was here in 1915 that two talented young women set up shop and introduced the world to award-winning figurines - most notably the angels with musical instruments. Grete Wendt's and Margarete Kühn's creations won the hearts of collectors all over the world including here in Canada.

Gingerbread World German Christmas Market Canada - Traveling in SeiffenAlthough I did not get to visit the town of Grünhainichen the last time I was in Germany, I did get to visit the Wendt und Kühn World of Figures in Seiffen - another beautiful town in the Ore Mountains just 40 minutes away. I was in Seiffen visiting the two studios that make the Nutcrackers, Smokers and Pyramids that we import - Seiffener Volkskunst and Richard Glässer.

By January 2019 I will be able to say that I have had the pleasure of traveling to all of the world's continents except Antarctica (I'm going with my family and some friends to Argentina over Christmas!!). But this little Globetrotter Angel puts me to shame! It has accompanied travelers around the world and there are pictures to prove it!  W&K has received photos of the Globetrotter in all sorts of fascinating places and has posted those pics in their website and in their Pinterest board.

I think we need to add a few pictures of this Angel traveling through Canada!

Over the next few weeks we will explore German Christmas Markets, check out the cities of Nuremberg (where Lebkuchen is made), Lübeck (famous for Marzipan), Dresden (for its very special Stollen) and more. Come back to the Blog and hang out with me for a while!

I would love to hear your stories of living in or traveling through Germany. Use the Comment section below to add your thoughts (your email address is never published).

Gingerbread World German Christmas Market Canada Looking forward to the adventure!

Owner @ Gingerbread World

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Gertrude mensch - September 11, 2019

So well presented, have lovely memories visiting Seiffen. Thank you GM

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