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Seiffener Volkskunst Classic Christmas Nutcracker - Red King

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Beautifully crafted in the Erzgebirge Region this authentic German Nutcracker is handmade by the artisans at Seiffener Volkskunst. Each piece of wood is hand shaped and turned and each piece is hand painted and assembled. Read more about the history of the Christmas Nutcracker and the craftspeople who make them here.

The most famous Nutcrackers from Germany are the Kings and Soliders and this tall King is regally dressed in red and yellow. I chose this Nutcracker to add to our Collection when I visited the Seiffener Volkskunst studio - I was impressed the quality and attention to detail and the jaunty look on his face!  

Made by hand with wood and faux fur
39 cm or 15.4"
Gingerbread World Seiffener Volkskunst Canada - Erzgebirge Christkindlmarkt onlineGingerbread World Seiffener Volkskunst Canada - Erzgebirge Christkindlmarkt online 

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