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Shipping Dept is closed until Saturday May 21
Shipping Dept is closed until Saturday May 21

Lebkuchen Schmidt

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What is Lebkuchen? It is German gingerbread...but unlike the hard gingerbread we know in North America, Lebkuchen is soft and moist, made with nuts, honey and an array of exotic spices. Lebkuchen is famously made in the city of Nuremberg in Germany where the bakeries use centuries-old recipes to create the cookies, loaves and bars. Lots more details about Lebkuchen here.

Lebkuchen, Stollen, Dominosteine and other pastries from Nuremberg are only available at Christmas. The 2022 Lebkuchen Schmidt Collection and other Christmas specialties from Europe will be available for Pre-Order starting in September. Expected delivery will be late November.
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