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What is Lebkuchen? It is German gingerbread...but unlike the hard gingerbread we know in North America, Lebkuchen is soft and moist, made with nuts, honey and an array of exotic spices. Lebkuchen is famously made in the city of Nuremberg in Germany where the bakeries use centuries-old recipes to create the cookies, loaves and bars. Lots more details about Lebkuchen here.

Lebkuchen is traditionally baked and enjoyed at Christmas time and is often given as a gift in a beautiful metal chest or tin. Every year the bakers at Lebkuchen Schmidt design new chests and tins. And each year they create a Lebkuchen of the Year - for 2020 they present the Plum Cinnamon Elisen.

Why are so many items already Sold Out?
Customers have been Pre-Ordering their favourite Lebkuchen and other confections and gifts since we opened our Christmas Collections in late August. We import only one large shipment of Lebkuchen from Germany each year. Our customers start to pre-order the Lebkuchen chests and packages they want in August, September and October so that when the cookies arrive fresh from Nuremberg in late October their favourites are reserved for them. We start shipping Lebkuchen orders in November to arrive in time for First Advent or for your requested delivery schedule. In light of changes brought about by Covid-19 we are starting to ship orders earlier this year as we anticipate couriers will be overwhelmed in late November and December.  Read about Pre-Ordering from Gingerbread World here.

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