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Marolin Glass Ornament - Pickle, Medium, Patinated

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Gingerbread World European Christmas Market - New Items for 2023

NEW for 2023. Blown glass ornaments from Germany's Marolin® Manufaktur. Known for its handcrafting of both papier mâché and mouth blown glass ornaments in the Lauscha traditions. Marolin ornaments are mouth blown glass with hand painted details.  

For the original glass blowers in the Lauscha area ornaments were a substitute for real fruit that was hung on the Tree at the time. Poor glass-blowers could not afford fresh fruit so they created them from glass. With time, the diversity of glass ornaments for Christmas trees grew. The Christmas Pickle - depending on who you talk to! - is a German tradition. Hide the Pickle ornament within the branches of the Holiday Tree - the first to find it on Christmas Eve is the first to open gifts!

Size: ⌀ 2 x 9 cm
Comes in its own clear plastic gift box
Made in Germany
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