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NEW COLLECTION - Blooming Wall's Green Pockets® and Garden Bags®

How does a little company called "Gingerbread World" come to sell stuff for planting flowers?? Gingerbread World sounds like a Christmas Shop!!!!

Gingerbread World is definitely big into Christmas - specifically we're big into EUROPEAN CHRISTMAS! And you can shop for beautiful and unique Holiday items made in Europe throughout the year.

But we wanted to have beautiful and unique things from Europe for all Seasons and these very cool planting bags and hanging planters from Blooming Walls in Ireland fit the bill. 

Made in Europe. Cleverly designed. Best quality. Great company backstory. These are the things we look for when we add new items to our shop - and The Green Pockets® and Green Bags & Blocks® deliver on all of those.
European Ware Haus Blooming Walls Green Pockets Green Bags Green Block. Garden Bags from Europe

We are excited to introduce the latest addition to our year-round Shop: Blooming Walls' The Green Pockets® and The Garden Bags®.

We've been working to expand our year-round offering of high-quality and well-designed products from Europe. I bumped into this fascinating family-owned company and their ingenious and colourful products at a trade show in Frankfurt Germany last year. It took a while but we figured out how to get their excellent products here to Canada.
European Ware Haus Blooming Walls Green Pockets Green Bags Green Block. Garden Bags from Europe
The Green Pockets®
Innovative hanging plant containers that are created to bring green joy to your life. The intention was not only to design a fully functional hanging plant container, but to create an outdoor and interior accessory that would compliment any living or working area. Thoughtfully designed with UV resistant and water-proof material available in an array of fabulous colours to mix and match.
European Ware Haus Blooming Walls Green Pockets vertical gardening hanging plant containers
The Green Bag® and The Green Block®
Grow anything in these colourful and long-wearing garden bags. Cleverly designed for the urban (or not-so-urban!) gardener - especially those with limited space like on a balcony. For flowers, vegetables and herbs - the colourful and convenient Bags are as fabulous as the good things growing in them. The square Green Bags coming in 3 sizes -  Small, Medium and Large. The oblong Green Blocks come in 2 sizes - Medium 50x22x22 cm and Large 75x22x22 cm. Available in 4 colours - Bright Yellow, Bright Pink, Grey and Olive Green.
European Ware Haus Blooming Walls Canada - Plant Bags and Hanging Planters

Create an oasis of plant life and colour in your yard.
European Ware Haus Blooming Walls Canada - Urban Gardening with Green Bags and Green Pockets - Banner with People
The Collection is now in stock and we are shipping orders throughout North America. Also see our new collection of garden tools and gloves by UK's Burgon and Ball in collaboration with British designer Sophie Conran and the Royal Horticultural Society.

Thanks so much,

Owner @ Gingerbread World and the European Ware Haus