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Dr. Quendt Dresdner Christstollen Gift Tin

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Dr. Quendt bakery's finest - Dresden-style Stollen with sultanas in a handsome metal gift tin.

Dresden Christstollen which is also fondly known to the people of Dresden as 'Striezel' is a piece of cultural history, a centuries-old baking tradition. A unique combination of select ingredients are the secret behind the Dresdner stollen taste. Stollen is a rich, sweet cake filled with fruits and nuts. Read more about this Christmas Bread in our Blog.

Only certified Stollen may bear the seal of the "Schutzverband des Dresdner Christstollenens".

1000 grams | 35.3 oz
May contain traces of egg, soy and nuts
Gingerbread World Lebkuchen Schmidt Canada - Henry Lambertz Dresdner ChristStollen or Stollen

See the Schlünder Dresdner Stollen Advent Calendar - makes a very special Christmas countdown for Stollen Lovers!