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Gry & Sif Felted Wool Vase with Embroidered Flowers, Dark Blue

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Gorgeous, Scandinavian design and the gentle texture of felted wool. Designed in Denmark and made by fair trade artisans in Nepal. Én Gry and Sif was certified by the World Fair Trade Organization in 2009. 

“Én” in Danish means “one – and only one”. All Én Gry & Sif products are handmade, so there is only “one” of each, since there will always be small differences in each product.

I only brought in a few of these Vases and mostly because I wanted a set for myself (I'm smitten!). I knew immediately where I would be displaying them in my home - on a tall shelf next to the fireplace - with an assortment of felted wool florals and stems and dried flowers from my garden!

The felted Vase slips over a heavy glass that is provided with the Vase (the Vase does not have a bottom). Fresh flowers or branches can be displayed in water in the Vase (but be careful that they don't discolour the inside of the top of the Vase). The felted part of the Vase is shipped relatively flat and may need some "fluffy up" (technical term!!) and gentle shaping.

Ø 11 x 18 cm
100% New Zealand Wool
Designed in Denmark. Handmade in Nepal

Gingerbread World En Gry and Sif felted wool handmade pieces designed in Scandinavia