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Lebkuchen Schmidt Artist Chest

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Every year Lebkuchen Schmidt works with designers to develop the new line of Chests and Tins. Each year Schmidt introduces a Chest showcasing the work of a famous painter. 

The 2023 Artist Chest celebrates the works of Piet Mondrian. Dutch artist Mondrian is one of the greatest figures of modern art and abstract painting. With his compositions of black lines closing up rectangles of primary colors, Mondrian created some of the most iconic works of early twentieth-century abstract art.

The motif on the chest is based on Mondrian's work called "Composition A: 1920". An early example of his journey into pure geometric abstraction in a simple and stark palette comprised only of primary colors, black and gray.

5 types of specialty biscuits. 2.17 lbs/985 g net



What's Inside
Artist Chest 2023 includes:
  • Premium Elisen-Queen, 285 g
  • Premium Elisen-Lebkuchen Bars, chocolate coated, 125 g
  • Choice Dessert Lebkuchen, 250 g
  • Spicy Speculatius Biscuits, 150 g
  • Nougat Buttons, 175 g

  • Feinste Elisen-Königin, 285 g
  • Feinste schokolierte Elisen-Schnitten, 125 g
  • Feine Dessert-Lebkuchen, 250 g
  • Feinwürziger Spekulatius, 150 g
  • Nougat-Knöpfchen, 175 g

• Shipping weight • Gesamtgewicht: approx. 3.97lbs • ca. 1.8 kg
• Size of chest • Maße Truhe: 25 x 19.5 x 11 cm
• Material • Material: Printed tin plate • Bedrucktes Metall

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