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Lebkuchen Schmidt Festive Tin

Item #61358

Lebkuchen Schmidt's most popular Tin with fresh German gingerbread cookies from the famous Nuremberg bakeries!

6 pcs. of assorted Nuremberg Lebkuchen, total weight 10.58 oz/300 g net
Size: Ø 11.5 x 14 cm
Material: Printed tin plate, embossed
Motif: Albrecht Dürer with Emperor Maximilian

6 feine gemischte Oblaten-Lebkuchen, 300 g netto
Größe: Ø 11,5 x 14 cm
Material: Bedrucktes Metall mit  Prägung
Motiv: Albrecht Dürer mit Kaiser Maximilian

    PRE-ORDER ITEM. This item is not yet in stock. It will arrive in our warehouse from Europe in early November. By purchasing this item now you are reserving it for a later shipment. See details here.

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