Lebkuchen Schmidt Hexagonal Elisen Tin

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One of the most popular tins each Christmas, the Hexagon Tin contains only premium Elisen Lebkuchen - German gingerbread with the highest quantity of nuts in the dough. A lovely assortment of glazed and chocolate biscuits.

8 pcs. of assorted Premium Elisen-Lebkuchen, 15.52 oz./440 g net
Size: Ø 12.5 x 18.3 cm
Material: Printed tin plate, embossed
Motif: Nuremberg Emperor castle in the moonlight

8 feinste gemischte Elisen-Lebkuchen, 440 g netto
Größe: Ø 12,5 x 18,3 cm
Material: Bedrucktes Metall mit Prägung
Motiv: Nürnberger Kaiserburg im Mondschein

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