Lebkuchen Schmidt Large Festive Box


  • $89.00

13 types of specialty biscuits. 6.14 lbs/2785 g net

The most popular Lebkuchen Parcel! Some of everything including the Metal Festive Tin made with appealing embossing included in price.

Unser beliebtestes Lebkuchen-Paket! Dose aus Metall – mit attraktiver Prägung – im Preis enthalten!

Large Festive Box includes:

  • Premium chocolate Elisen duo, 160 g
  • Premium Elisen-Lebkuchen bars, assorted125 g
  • Choice dessert Lebkuchen, 250 g
  • White Lebkuchen, decorated with almonds150 g
  • Choice chocolate coated Lebkuchen, 250 g
  • The Festive Tin 2017, filled with choice Lebkuchen, assorted, 300 g
  • Lebkuchen Stars, assorted, 175 g
  • Dominoes, 200 g Domino, dominoes, dominosteine, dominoesteine
  • Fairytale House filled with chocolate coated Lebkuchen hearts and a fairytale, 150 g
  • Nuremberg Christstollen, 500 g
  • Dürer Bread, with milk chocolate base, 200 g
  • Spicy Speculatius Biscuits, 125 g
  • Chocolate Fruit Cookies, 200 g

Das Grosse Festtags-Paket beinhaltet:

  • Feinstes Schoko-Elisen-Duo, 160 g
  • Feinste Elisen-Schnitten, 2-fach sortiert, 125 g
  • Feine Dessert-Lebkuchen, 250 g
  • Weiße Lebkuchen, mit Mandeln gespickt, 150 g
  • Feine Schokolade-Lebkuchen, 250 g
  • Festtags-Dose 2015 mit feinen gemischten Oblaten-Lebkuchen, 300 g
  • Lebkuchensterne, 2-fach sortiert, 175 g
  • Dominosteine (ohne Marzipan), 200 g
  • Märchenhäuschen mit Schokolade-Lebkuchenherzen, 150 g, und einem Märchen
  • Nürnberger Christstollen, 500 g
  • Dürer-Brot, mit Vollmilch-Schokoboden, 200 g
  • Feinwürziger Spekulatius, 125 g
  • Schokolade-Fruchtgebäck, 200 g
  • Shipping weight • Gesamtgewicht: approx. 8.16 lbs • ca. 3,7 kg
  • Size • Maße: 41.5 x 35 x 12.5 cm

This item is not yet in stock but it is available to order. You can expect to receive this item in late November.

Christmas items arrive in our warehouse from Germany at the end of October. This is because many of our items are perishable and we want to ensure everything is as fresh as possible. Many of our handcrafted items come from small workshops that sometimes get overwhelmed with orders and ship to Canada in the Fall. 

Orders are packed and shipped in the order they were received by Gingerbread World. So if you placed your order in September it will be shipped before orders placed in October. You will receive a Shipping Confirmation when your Order has shipped.

Gingerbread World holds orders until all items in the order are available to ship at one time. Packages begin to be shipped to our customers by November 6.

So why should you buy and pay for something now in our online shop if it will only be shipped in November? By buying online early you are guaranteed to receive the item(s) you want. Gingerbread World is not able to re-stock items before Christmas and we only get one shipment of Christmas stock in the Fall. The last two years we have sold out of Lebkuchen Schmidt by December 2.

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