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Lebkuchen Schmidt - Plum Cinnamon Elisen Lebkuchen of the Year

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The 2021 Lebkuchen Schmidt Collection and other Christmas specialties from Europe will be available for Pre-Order starting in September. Expected delivery will be November. Want us to email you when the Christmas Collections are available? Sign up here.

They complement each other perfectly: The delicate sweetness of the plum and

the naturally fine and unmistakable cinnamon aroma. Packed with lots of nuts and almonds.

Schmidt's Lebkuchen of the Year for 2020 is available to purchase on its own or in boxes and chests including:

Elise Plum-Cinnamon | Elise Pflaume-Zimt
4 biscuits
280 grams

Lebkuchen Schmidt Nuremberg Gingerbread and Gifts by Gingerbread World

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