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Marolin Papier Maché - Limited Edition Santa, Gold

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Gingerbread World European Christmas Market - New Items for 2023

NEW for 2023. Papier Maché figures from Germany's Marolin® Manufaktur. Known for its handcrafting of both papier mâché and mouth blown glass ornaments in the Lauscha traditions. Marolin papier mâché figures are made by hand using methods perfected over more than one hundred years.

Each Santa Claus figure is meticulously handcrafted - making it a true masterpiece. Made from high-quality Marolin papier-mâché featuring an intricately textured surface that lends them an authentic and nostalgic appearance. Only 24 pieces are produced in total, ensuring their uniqueness and collector's value.

Each figurine is unique and created with utmost attention to detail. To mark these collectibles, each Santa Claus is individually numbered. You will also receive a certificate of authenticity, confirming the originality and exclusivity of your Santa Claus.

To ensure the safekeeping of your Santa Claus, it is packaged in a high-quality wooden box. This box not only provides protection for the figure but also highlights the value and exclusivity of the Santa Claus.

Not only is this remarkable Santa figure a Limited Edition, it is actually a candy container! Yes - the bottom opens for you to fill the figure with sweets and treats. But given this is a Limited Edition figure and an extraordinary collectible I personally would keep it away from sticky fingers!

Size of Figure: 9 x9  x 26.5 cm
Size of Wooden Gift Chest: 12 x 11 x 30 cm
Made in Germany
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