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Richard Glässer Incense Smoker - Wood Gnome with Pine Cones, Sitting

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You may have noticed that my little shop is well populated with Gnomes (and dwarves)! These creatures take many forms and German folklore is replete with stories of them.

This Woodland Gnome sits with his pine cones collected from the forest and enjoys a pipe! Find other Smoker figures in the Wood Gnome Collection here.

Smoker Figures or Räuchermännchen are traditional folk art pieces designed in the mid-1800's by the toy makers of the Erzgebirge region in north east of Germany. Artisans continue to handcraft these wooden wonders in small workshops using both traditional methods and modern technology. Creators often look to the forests around them in the Ore Mountains for inspiration.

17 cm in height
Scented cones sold separately.