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The Kids' Favourite Lebkuchen!

Posted by Tamara Roehr on

Gingerbread World Lebkuchen Schmidt Canada Blog - Kids' Favorite LebkuchenWe have to admit that we have been indulging ourselvesin our first season with Lebkuchen!

Loring - the 10 year old boy - has voted for the Chocolate Stars! He loves the chocolate and the jam inside!We've been sampling cookies and treats and the kids want to share their favourites!

Signe - the 12 year middle child - loves (no - LOVES) Speculatius. She opened one of those pink boxes the other night and finished off every last cookie!

Mariel - the oldest - thinks the Geominos cookies are pretty yummy! The chocolate bottom is delicious!

And I figure I should throw in my favourite! The Mom votes for the Schokolierte Geniesserchen - so good especially with a hot cup of tea! And they're each so small they can't do that much "harm" (can they?!?!).

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  • Can I magically trspanort the mocha truffles here? Those sound really good right now. Of course that would probably be a bad idea. I’m on my second cup of coffee for the day already and it isn’t even 2 yet.

    Ibrahim on

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