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To Germany to Shop!

Gingerbread World is going on a shopping trip to Germany!

The kids and their Dad are staying in Winnipeg to hold the Fort while my Mom (Oma) and I (Tamara) travel to Germany for a week of shopping!

And not just any kind of trade shows to find more beautiful, unique and high quality items that our Gingerbread World customers may enjoy.

We are starting our trip in Dettmold where we will visit the lovely young woman who stayed with our family this past Fall as an Exchange Student.

Then it's off to Koln where we will take in the ISM Sweets and Biscuits Trade Show where will be hunting for Easter eggs (and other Easter treats). I can't wait to sample all the wonderful chocolates, candies and cakes that the producers will be offering! Our Gingerbread World customers have given us some great ideas of what to look for including Mozartkugeln and other marzipan specialities and diabetic and gluten-free options for special diets.

Next stop is the Christmas Trade Show in Frankfurt where we will especially visit the German hand craft booths as we are considering bringing in pieces like the Erzgebirge wood carvings and Marburg-style pottery.

Finally we arrive in Nuremberg to visit the famous bakeries of Lebkuchen Schmidt and to meet the men and women we work with to bring Lebkuchen to Canada.

If you have suggestions for us of German items that you think could work for Gingerbread World we would love to hear about them - drop us a line by email at

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