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Gingerbread World Lebkuchen Schmidt Canada – Festive Chest 2019

A Treasure Map to the Inside of the Festive Chest

Lebkuchen Schmidt's Festive Chest is a feast for the senses - the treats and goodies inside and the beautiful illustrations on the outside of the metal chest. Here is Part TWO of my look at our most popular Chest every year - a Map of the Treasures Within! 
Gingerbread World Blog - Lebkuchen Schmidt Festive Chest - Mapping the Treasures Within
Gingerbread World Blog - Lebkuchen Schmidt Festive Chest Illustration of Albrecht Duerer House
If you haven't already read it, Part One of the Festive Chest talks about the illustration on the lid of the Chest. It shows the home of Nuremberg's most famous son Albrecht Dürer.

The inside of the Chest is packed full of traditional German Christmas pastries like Lebkuchen, Stollen, Speculatius and an array of cookies - Cinnamon Stars, Vanilla Crescents and Butter Biscuits.

The Lebkuchen Schmidt Festive Chest is always our most popular item. Customers across North America order it for themselves and friends and have it to shipped to friends and relatives all over the world.

The Festive Chest is only one of the many Chests, Tins and Cartons that Lebkuchen Schmidt presents new each year. Check out our offering of Gluten Free and Vegan Lebkuchen as well.


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