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What a Week! Good Times in Germany

This is our last evening in Germany (sigh!) and my Mother and I celebrated a really wonderful week together by going out for a typical German meal - bratwurst and sauerkraut and a Radler!

We have seen so many interesting, beautiful and unique things this week. We visited four trade shows - the ISM Show in Koln which covers every kind of candy, cookie and chocolate you can think of; the Christmas and Paper Shows in Frankfurt; and the Speilwaren (Toy) show in Nurnberg - 12 massive buildings of toys, toys and more toys!

One of the hi-lites of the trip was our visit with the good people at Lebkuchen Schmidt! It was great to put faces to the people we have emailed with over the past six months. Unfortunately there is no gingerbread being baked now - in fact won't be any until September. (I was looking forward to smelling the yumminess!).

Another big hi-lite was visiting our German Exchange student in Detmold and getting to meet her family. Very lovely people! Beautiful city!

You can see more details with photographs on our Facebook page at (You don't need to be a Facebook-er to check it out!)

It was such a wonderful week with my Mom and also quite nice to be away from my kids for a while (oops, did I say that out loud!!). But I am ready to get home and hug everyone and get on with Gingerbread World!

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