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No More Melted Chocolate in the Mailbox!

Canada Post Flex Delivery - German Chocolate, Marzipan and Gummy Candies all summer longCanada Post has just introduced a free and easy to use service that ensures your German chocolate, marzipan and gummy candies get to you all summer long!

Gingerbread World had cut off deliveries of items that melt on May 31. Knowing that many people are not at home during the day to receive the packages and knowing that German chocolate, marzipan and gummy candies melt very quickly in hot temperatures, we told our customers that they'd have to wait until next Fall to order German treats.

But Canada Post's new Flex Delivery program let's you choose a Post Office near where you live or where you work to have your packages sent to. The post office facilities are air conditioned so nothing melts!

This is an easy-to-use and FREE program from Canada Post that's perfect for all sorts of deliveries - things that melt, valuable items you're concerned about leaving in the mailbox all day, for suprise gifts you don't want anyone to see! And if you are on vacation or know you won't be around for a few days, Flex Delivery will hold your packages for you.

Sign up at Canada Post Flex Delivery - CLICK HERE. Click on "Sign Up" and enter the information requested - the address part is a little finicky but I just entered my home address twice. Once you have registered your contact info the site will offer you a map of post offices in your area. It seems that you can choose more than one - one for close to home and another for close to work?

Then scroll down and see the unique address the site provides to you - a PO Box number with a whole bunch of digits behind it (all unique to you) and an "Address Line 2" (mine was an RPO address).

When you place an order with an online shop - like Gingerbread World - you enter this new address into the Shipping Address section and wait for an email letting you know the package is waiting for you the post office you requested.

The Canada Post Flex Delivery site is easy to use - it took me about 90 seconds to set up my account. And they provide a video that explains why and how to use Flex Delivery.

Now that you know your yummy treats won't melt in your mailbox, start shopping for German Chocolate, Marzipan and Gummy Candies!

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