It's Even Easier to Order Lebkuchen in Canada

Gingerbread World has been importing authentic Lebkuchen for almost 25 years. Lebkuchen Schmidt comes from the German city most famous for Lebkuchen - Nuremberg (or as it is written in German Nürnberg). Over those years many things have changed - about Lebkuchen Schmidt and their products and about Gingerbread World.

But one thing is the same over all those years - both Lebkuchen Schmidt and Gingerbread World strive to provide you with the very best Lebkuchen and excellent customer service.

Two years ago we changed our website to provide better credit card security to our customers. In addition to full confidence in the safety of our site we also feel that it looks and feels good too!

But in our conversations with our customers we felt that it was time to make other changes and so this summer we have worked to design an online shop that looks good, is easy to use, provides value to your shopping experience and is still absolutely secure.

In this Blog article we wanted to specifically discuss some new ways you can use our online shop:

Gingerbread World - How to use our Online Store to shop for Lebkuchen Schmidt and other German Specialties
1.   Menu Headers - we have changed our Menu bar to better reflect the way our business works. Some items we carry are only available at Christmas and, because these items come all the way from Germany, they are only available to ship when they finally arrive in early November.

So we present in our Menu the categories of Lebkuchen Schmidt, the Christmas Collection (the little downward arrow beside the menu header suggests that there are additional categories within this Collection) and the Everyday Collection (and the various collections with it).

2.   Different Ways to Sort and Shop - when you click on a Menu header and enter a Collection, you will notice that there are options along the left side of the screen. By click on the small box next to one of these options you will re-sort the Collection of items available to show only those that include that option.

Here's an example: When you click on the "Lebkuchen Schmidt Collection" you see two categories of options: "Contains" and "Type". If you want to see only those chests and boxes that contain on the little box to the left of the word "Dominoes". Or if you want to see all the Chests that contain the Fairytale House you can click in the box before Fairytale House under "Contains" and in the box before Chest under "Type".

You can also choose to display the collection of products in different ways - you can sort based on price (highest to lowest or vice versa) or best selling, alphabetically, etc. You may also choose to view the products in rows or as a list.

When you click on the image of the product you get to a page with more information on that product, a bigger image and sometimes even a video!

Gingerbread World - How to use our Online Store to shop for Lebkuchen Schmidt and other German SpecialtiesHere is also where you can change the quantity you want to order and then actually "Add it to your Cart" or to your list of items that you are ordering. When you are finished shopping click on the Shopping Cart in the top right corner and start the Checkout Process. I'll cover the Checkout in another Blog article!

You are always welcome to call me and we can either walk through the online ordering together or you can just place your order over the phone.

Our website is there to give you more information about what you would like to purchase for Christmas but it's not there to frustrate you! Call me at 800-309-5559 - I love to chat with you!

Tamara Roehr - Owner at Gingerbread World

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