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Making a List and Checking it Twice

Gingerbread World Blog - Christmas Gift List Free PrintableIt's October 20 and there are 65 days until Christmas - or if you prefer, 9 weeks!

Good grief though...we haven't even passed Halloween. But Christmas stuff is popping up in more and more places. I think Costco had Christmas decorations for sale in their stores in August!

At Gingerbread World we are gearing up to receive our big shipment of Lebkuchen cookies from Nuremberg Germany...and then will arrive the German chocolate and marzipan. I am preparing to move into the warehouse for about 6 weeks of packing boxes - my husband and kids know that they will barely see me from now until early December!

I am so impressed by the Gingerbread World customers who are planning and organizing for Christmas well ahead of time. We got our first order for Christmas 2015 in January...what? Yes - January! By August there is a steady stream of orders coming in as long time customers know to grab their Lebkuchen chests while still available.

But there are the rest of us who are not that proactive and who with 65 days left till Christmas think we have all the time in the world. If I didn't own a Christmas oriented business I wouldn't be giving Christmas a thought!

As we all start to gear up for the big event I thought that a printable Christmas Gift List might be helpful.

Gingerbread World Blog - Christmas Gift List - Free PrintableWhen I talk to customers on the phone - and I love talking to customers on the phone - I often hear them running through a list in their heads listing off kids and grand kids to make sure they have everyone covered. I can tell that they have given a lot of thought to what to give their friends and family - which chest design they may enjoy, which Lebkuchen varieties or chocolate they like and the amount they want to spend on each person. I know (having three kids of my own) there is also the issue of making everything fair - spending a similar amount on each person.

The printable Christmas Gift List includes spaces for names (of course!) and budget. A larger column to round up some gift ideas and then space as to where to buy those possible gifts.

Also a column as to when the gift is needed. Many of our customers mail gifts to family members all across Canada and into the States and some even to points all over the world. Gingerbread World can facilitate sending Lebkuchen anywhere in the world and we can put packages of Lebkuchem, chocolate and marzipan and gifts together for anywhere in North America. 

But we need enough time: Last date to ship within Canada is Tuesday December 15. Last date to ship to the US is Monday December 7. Last date to ship internationally is Monday November 23. Lebkuchen gifts sent to friends in Germany may be ordered right up to Tuesday December 15.

Gingerbread World would be thrilled to be a big part of your Christmas plans. We ship hundreds of gifts on behalf of our customers each year. And we can include a short personal greeting from you on the box so your recipient knows who blessed them with the best Christmas cookies in the world and the best chocolate and marzipan!

Print your Christmas Gift List by clicking HERE - may be printed in color or black and white.

Happy Planning!

Tamara Roehr
Owner at Gingerbread World

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