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Looking to Make Easter a Little More Special this Year? Make an Ostereierbaum

Looking for something relatively easy to make (and clean up!) that will make your Easter celebrations a little more special this year?

Germans yet again have some wonderful holiday traditions that we can adopt. Germany seems to lead the way when it comes to art of celebrating - they invented the Christmas tree, the Advent Calendar and the gingerbread house; they've got Christmas baking down to a science and they've got the best Christmas Markets in the world.

Gingerbread World Blog - How to make a German Easter Tree or OstereierbaumAnd Easter in Germany is just about as big a deal with the Germans laying claim to the Easter Bunny and Easter egg hunting!

But while the Easter Bunny and egg hunting has been totally adopted by us here in North America the German tradition of the Easter Egg Tree or Ostereierbaum is not seen as often.

Gingerbread World Easter Egg Tree - Traditional German Ostereierbaum - Gingerbread World BlogMy inlaws are German - my father-in-law grew up in Berlin and my mother-in-law in the Mannheim area. Each year they treat the grandkids at Easter with not one but two Ostereierbaumen - one outside and one inside. My mother-in-law puts her tree at the front door to greet us as we come into her home. Smaller trees may be used as a center piece at the table. 

Easy to Make

What you'll need:

  • Branches - fairly dry and with some knobby bits on them to hang ornaments from (you could also choose to paint the branches in spring colors!); another option would be to use Pussy Willows
  • A vase or mason jar or small bucket to stand the branches in - something a little taller will keep the branches from fanning out too much
  • Sand, small rocks, glass pebbles from the Dollar Store to put into the vase/jar to keep the branches arranged (you could also use a block of florist's foam)
  • Ornaments to hang from the branches - see more below
  • Simply fill the vase or bucket to about half-full with the sand or pebbles and arrange the bottoms of the branches into it. 


All sorts of Easter themed items could be hung from the tree. You could decorate it all at one time or keep the ornaments in a basket and have children place one ornament on the tree in the days leading up to Easter - sort of like an Advent Calendar.

  • Mini Easter Eggs
  • Dollar Store items on a string - miniature birds or bugs (see our Blog article about Lady Bugs!)
  • Mini pompomn, feathers, ribbon
  • Real dyed Easter Eggs hung on a string - check out this delightful and irreverent video on how to blow out eggs to use for Easter Crafts -
  • Easter Egg ornaments that you make yourself - here is a list of links to check out for ideas:


  • Some fabulous photos of different ideas for trees - all in German but you don't need to be bilingual to enjoy the images! -
  • Colorful Salt Dough Hanging Eggs -
  • Felt Ornaments -
  • Find lots more on Pinterest - Follow our European Easter Board

Happy Easter!

Owner @ Gingerbread World


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