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Your Stories of Lebkuchen

It is such a pleasure hearing our customers’ stories about Lebkuchen!

Many customers are old friends of Gingerbread World and some have been buying their Lebkuchen here for almost 25 years. “Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Lebkuchen” is a comment we hear often.

A customer from Winnipeg was telling me that her mother-in-law started the tradition years ago of sending Lebkuchen treats to each of her children at Christmas. Sadly her mother-in-law has passed on but she has decided to keep up that wonderful tradition and has ordered the Small Festive Box to be mailed to her siblings.

And some brand new customers let us know that they are ordering Lebkuchen because they visited the beautiful Schmidt Lebkuchen shop in Nuremberg this past year and were so impressed by the quality of the pastries and the gorgeous displays. They sent us a photograph in front of the shop

Another customer wrote to us: “Hi there, I am so happy to have found you! I am originally from Nuremberg and have been eating Lebkuchen my whole life! I used to love going to the part of the city were the factories were and smell the air once they started baking. I am proud of Nuremberg and the best Lebkuchen by far that Germany has to offer... and I really believe that the ones baked in Nuremberg are the best.” 

We would love to hear and share your stories about Lebkuchen.

Use the “Contact Us” button or click on our Facebook link and write to us or post about Lebkuchen and Christmas traditions!

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