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More Lebkuchen Stories from our Customers

Another Wonderful Lebkuchen Story from our Customers

“My parents immigrated to Canada from Germany in the early 1950's, giving me the honor of being a first-generation Canadian.  But our entire family still treasure our German roots to this day, enjoying many trips ‘back home’ for visits.  

One of the most anticipated events as a child was the arrival of our annual Christmas parcel from my grandparents which was full of Lebkuchen.  What I know now to be the "large festive box" was carefully packaged by my Opa; the large tin box it came in proudly displaying the Schmidt name.

Years later and long after the passing of my grandparents, my mother learned of an export company (Gingerbread World) bringing Schmidt Lebkuchen into Canada.  We have been ordering every Christmas ever since!  

 So thank you for helping to keep one of my long-treasured Christmas memories alive, not only for myself, but for my many nieces and nephews, and now also great-nieces and great-nephews!”  

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