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Americans Buy German Stuff from Canada - And Save!

American customers get the benefit of their strong US dollar when buying from Gingerbread World up here in Canada. All prices in our webshop and catalog are in Canadian Dollars so the price you see online is about 25% more than the amount you will see charged on your credit card. YAY!
Gingerbread World Lebkuchen Schmidt Canada Blog: US Customers Save when they Shop in Canada
For example: When you purchase the Festive Chest 2016 for $119 plus shipping for $33 for a total of $152 Canadian - you will see a charge on your credit card of approximately $115 US (depending the currency exchange rate on the day the purchase is processed by the credit card company).

And $115 is a lot better looking than $152! Cross border shopping definitely works in your favor!

There is a border between our two wonderful countries and some of our products do get charged a Duty or Customs charge. BUT NOT LEBKUCHEN - YAY!

The Duty charge is nominal but Gingerbread World is not able to calculate these charges prior to shipping your order. And the charge is the responsibility of you the purchaser. We have never heard negative feedback from our American customers about the Duty the US Government places on their orders from Canada.

American customers should be aware that it does take about two weeks for packages to get from us to you.

We love our American customers. We feel honored to be a part of your Christmas traditions.

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