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Gingerbread World European Ware Haus - Goods, Gifts and Deko from Europe Year Round

Gingerbread World European Ware Haus - Goods, Gifts and Deko from Europe Year Round

Gingerbread World is staying open all year in 2019. But how does a shop called "Gingerbread World" shift to a year round collection of items. Our name is gloriously Christmasy but there are so many beautiful products to import from Europe that it would be a shame to let our name keep us from offering them!

Gingerbread World - German Christmas Market OnlineGingerbread World will always be first and foremost a German Christmas Market...Online. We will continue to import the very best of German Christmas like Lebkuchen from the Schmidt and Fraunholz bakeries. German chocolate and Marzipan confections, wood and glass ornaments, Nativities, Herrnhuter Stars and much more. I am already working on the new Collections for Christmas 2019 (and it's only February!!).

So with a little branding pivot and a clever play on words (at least I think it's clever!) we announce our year round presence as "Gingerbread World European Ware Haus" - a little online shop of European Goods, Gifts and Deko.
Gingerbread World European Ware Haus - Goods, Gifts and Deko from Europe
Many of our customers speak German or another European language. I do not! However I am attending Thursday evening German classes and reaching into my childhood to remember the German I heard spoken at home. So our German customers will know that "Waren" means "Goods" and "Haus" means "House". And that is what I hope to build - a European Goods House offering beautiful and unique items for the home, garden and table.

The Christmas Market will stay open all year as well for those who just love to shop for the Holidays. There are always customers browsing our Collections and "picking up" items throughout the year. A gentleman from eastern Canada just ordered a beautiful wooden Pyramid and let me know he was thrilled that he could already cross one name off his Christmas list for 2019!

We will continue building our year round Collections but we are excited to start with:

Kunsthandwerk (or Handcrafted Goods) - beautiful wood ornaments and smoking figures from the Erzgebirge and Schwarzwald Regions on Germany

Gingerbread World European Ware Haus Geburtstag Idee European Birthday Candle HoldersGeburtstag Deko or Birthday Decorations - Europeans have a certain flair in the way they celebrate special occasions and I fell in love with these Birthday Candle Holders.

KaffeePause Collection of Coffees and Coffee Mugs (and I'm working on a line of a German Teas).

A brand new Collection of Herrnhuter Moravian Stars - for the patio or garden or inside decor, I am super excited to introduce these stunning lit Stars.

And we continue to offer two very "kool" lines inspired by very German brands:

Gingerbread World Gummy Bear Shop - Haribo Gummy Bears to Eat and Gummy Bear inspired stuff to enjoy Gummy Bear Shop - of course we sell the squishy little candy bears that you eat because Gummy Bears were invented in Germany! And we also sell 100% sugar free and INedible versions of the famous Bear - nightlights and key chains that light up when you squish their tummies and some great writing stuff.

"Das Auto" Vintage VW Shop - Is there anything more German than Volkswagen (pronounced Folksvagen as my German teacher pointed out!). Gingerbread World European Ware Haus Classic Volkswagen Swag ShopThis is a big Collection of bags, mugs, t-shirts and so much more inspired by the classic VW Bug and Bus.

Enjoy a stroll through our little shop - the European Ware Haus. Your orders will be packed in 24-48 hours and we'll ship them to you or to your friends anywhere in North America.


Owner @ Gingerbread World
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jill schmidt - July 7, 2019

Looking forward to getting the Christmas catalogue again this year!

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