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Beautiful Easy Way to Display your Small Herrnhuter Star

Here’s an easy DIY way to beautifully display a Small Herrnhuter Moravian Star. If I can do this…anyone can do this! Here in Winnipeg we are still in a strict Covid lockdown so I was forced to use items I had around the house – a large glass jar I once bought at Ikea, pine cones I collected last Fall while at the lake, fake berry strings I found at the bottom of a box of ornaments and the Herrnhuter Star – which we sell in our shop at
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The Small Herrnhuter Star is made of rigid plastic so its sturdy and easy to handle and position in various decorative ways – inside a jar, as part of a centrepiece or hanging. The Star is 13 cm in diameter or 5.1” so you don’t need a huge jar or bowl.

The Stars can be lit up with a battery pack, a regular AC Adaptor that plugs into the wall or a USB cord that plugs into a phone charger. I chose to use the battery pack as I wanted to keep all the wires inside the jar. But whereas the Star is pretty sturdy, the wires are very thin and have to be handled gently. It is very easy to set – the bulb sits inside a star point and is found in the box along with the Star. Just push this last point with the bulb into the hole in the star and wiggle it into place. The wires coming out of the point plug into the ports on the battery pack – it doesn’t even matter which wire goes into which port. Connect the bulb to the Star and the wires to the battery pack before you begin.
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I realized after a tried setting up the jar that the battery pack and wires have to go into the jar first so that they can be covered/surrounded with the smaller pine cones in order to hide it at least a bit. But I also realized that the battery pack has to be positioned so that the on/off switch can be reached without disturbing the display too much.

I positioned the battery pack standing upright at the back of the jar with the bundle of wires on the floor of the jar. The Star attached to the wires rested on the lip of the jar while I poured in about half of the smaller pine cones. Then I positioned the Star and poured in the rest of the small pine cones and one of the larger cones and I positioned a few of the strands of berries.
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And that’s it! Super easy but it looks fabulous and brings a lot of light and colour to the room. I tried it with the red Star and a yellow Star – I liked them both but thought the red Star looked better with my tray of ornaments and candle.

I’ve been collecting pics of ways of displaying the various sizes of Herrnhuter Stars from Instagram and Pinterest over the years – there are so many great ideas out there for all seasons. You can scroll through them on my Herrnhuter Star Pinterest Board by clicking here.


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