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How to Decorate your Spira Wooden Christmas Tree

How to Decorate your Spira Wooden Christmas Tree

How to Decorate a Spira Wooden Christmas Tree - Spira Trees Canada
The Spira Wooden Christmas Trees are so easy to set up and store away, they're made with environmentally responsible methods, they make no mess, suit any home and...can be decorated in all sorts of fun ways.

How to Decorate a Spira Wooden Christmas Tree
The notches on the outside of the rings of the Spira Tree are perfect for hanging pretty much any kind of Christmas Tree Ornament. And the trees are engineered to hold a whole lot of ornaments - both in the number of pieces and the weight of the pieces. You can see from this pic that even loaded with metal hardware the tree stand solid!! And who knows - these "decorations" might suit someone's decor to a T!!

Use a string or ribbon to hang the ornament from the notch on the tree. Loop the string through the ornament or through the crown of a glass ornaments and position the knot of the
How to Decorate a Spira Wooden Christmas Treeloop to the top. Slide the strong into the notch and the knot will hold it in place.

Spira has designed their own sets of Ornaments to use with the trees - Scandinavian inspired, minimalist ornaments: festive shapes in red felt or natural wood and geometric shapes in natural wood. Outfit your whole tree with one colour or mix and match.
How to Decorate a Spira Wooden Christmas Tree - Spira Trees Canada
Use your Own Ornaments

You can also use your own collection of ornaments. Simply replace the metal hook with many ornaments come with the string or ribbon and slide them into place. Another idea is to decorate with Clip-on style Ornaments like the mouth-blown Glass Birds from Inge-Glas.
Spira Wooden Christmas Trees Canada – Innovative, Modern, Easy
Add Lights

How to Decorate a Spira Wooden Christmas Tree
Now add a string of lights either by coiling it up and around the centre pole of the tree or looping it around the spirals and fastening with lightweight wire or shiny twist ties or masking tape. The play of the light and the swoops of the spira branches create delightful patterns on the walls around your tree. You could also consider simply shining a small spotlight up from the base of the tree.

Choose a Spira Tree from our Collection that's right for your space - from the Mini 16" Tree that stands on a table to the 6'2" Slim Tree that shows off in any home. Add a Star Topper if you'd like. And maybe don't stand your Tree anywhere - hang it from the ceiling instead. 

I would love to see your ideas for decorating and displaying your Spira Tree. post your pics to social media with the hashtag #spiratreescanada. Let's inspire each other!

Happy decorating!

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Monika Wendehorst - August 25, 2020

I would like a small one for the TV room.

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