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Gingerbread World Spira Wooden Christmas Trees and Accessories

NEW for 2020 - Spira Wooden Christmas Trees

I am so excited to introduce the newest Christmas Collection in our European Christmas Market - Spira Wooden Trees. These really should not be considered artificial Christmas Trees because they are made from real wood in a sustainable way. And they are just way too fabulous!
Gingerbread World Spira Wooden Christmas Trees Canada
I came across these innovative wooden Christmas Trees at the Christmas World trade show in Frankfurt Germany earlier this year. I knew I had to add them to our Christmas Collections as soon as I saw them. I was in Germany looking for something new and really exciting for Christmas 2020 and two days into my trip I knew I had found it!

Here's a not-so-great video of me trying out the trees - I'm obviously pretty excited about what I've found!!:

Spira Christmas Trees are made in Slovenia and are the brainchild of designer Luka Zajc. He combined three of his passions - wood, design and functionality - to create "practical perfection" in a Christmas Tree.
Gingerbread World Spira Wooden Christmas Trees and Accessories
Gingerbread World carries six different Spira Trees and the accessories and ornaments to go with them. From the Mini Tree at 16 1/2" (42 cm) that can sit on a table or desk to the tall Slim Tree that towers at a stately 6' 2". And then there's the smart and efficient Small Oval Tree that is not as deep as it is wide so it takes up less space.
Gingerbread World Spira Wooden Christmas Trees and Accessories
The creative folks at Spira have thought of some wonderful accessories to make your spiral tree even more fun and fabulous. The Star Topper is a classic Christmas touch. But the Hanger is a novel idea - use it to hang your tree from the ceiling to keep it away from small children or pets. It also frees up floor space and kind of looks like an ultra modern chandelier.

Gingerbread World Spira Wooden Christmas Trees and AccessoriesAnd then there's the Spira designed Ornaments. You can of course decorate your Spira Tree with any ornaments in your collection. The outer edge of the wooden spiral is notched so you can slide metal or fabric/string hangers into them. Gingerbread World has a vast selection of mouth-blown Glass Ornaments from Germany and Poland as well as a collection of wood ornaments. The Spira ornaments have a Scandinavian vibe - minimalist but fun and festive. Bright red felt ornaments and rigid wood ornaments are available in holiday themed shapes and Geo wood ornaments would look great on your tree at any time of year.

The Spira Trees have arrived in our warehouse here in Canada. Due to the uncertainty of Covid earlier this Spring I chose to bring in a limited supply of the Trees and accessories so please don't wait too long to order.

Can't wait to get these beauties into the hands of our customers. I'm hoping to see some great photos on social media.


Owner @ Gingerbread World's European Ware Haus

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