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Gingerbread World Blog - Albrecht Dürer Haus and Lebkuchen Schmidt Chest

I was in that Picture! The Albrecht-Dürer-Haus on Schmidt's Nuremberg Elisen Chest

Earlier this year I got to travel to Germany to visit the bakeries and manufactories from where the items in our shop come. Every time I go to Germany I visit Nuremberg the city famous for Lebkuchen - Germany's much yummier version of gingerbread.

We import Lebkuchen and Christmas pastries from three bakeries in Nuremberg - Schmidt, Wicklein and Fraunholz. Each bakery has its specialty. Fraunholz bakes the Gluten Free, Vegan and Organic Lebkuchen we import. Wicklein makes the Vanilla Crescents, Cinnamon Stars and Pfeffernüsse. And Schmidt is best known for its annual offering of beautifully illustrated and embossed gift chests and tins.
Gingerbread World Blog - Albrecht Duerer House and Lebkuchen Schmidt Chest
Schmidt's Nuremberg Elisen Chest is almost always my favourite chest. Partly because it is the only oval shaped chest in the line up and partly because inside is premium quality Elisen Lebkuchen and for 2020 it's because of the illustration on the chest's lid - the Albrecht-Dürer-Haus.

During my few days in Nuremberg I spent much of my time in the Old City within the medieval walls - particularly in the Hauptmarkt where the famous Nuremberg Christkindlmarkt takes place. But this visit I ventured out searching out the Albrecht-Dürer-Haus - and it was worth the short walk!
Gingerbread World Blog - Albrecht Duerer House and Lebkuchen Schmidt Chest
That's me in front of the large half-timbered house that once belonged to Germany's most famous artist Albrecht Dürer who lived and worked in the massive house between 1509 and 1529. The house is now a museum - part art gallery featuring Dürer's paintings and part restored home. 

Gingerbread World Blog - Albrecht Duerer House and Lebkuchen Schmidt ChestOn the outside the Nuremberg Elisen Chest features an illustration of the house on the top as well as his 1498 self-portrait on the side of the chest. On the inside it is packed with Roasted Apple Elisen plus chocolate and glazed Elisen.


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