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Gluten Free and Reduced Sugar Lebkuchen

Authentic Lebkuchen for customers with special dietary needs and preferences. With all the scrumptious goodness of German gingerbread. Gluten Free and Sugar-Reduced options available.

Gingerbread World is thrilled to be partnering with a small, family owned and run bakery in Nuremberg called Fraunholz to bring Gluten Free Lebkuchen to Canada.

Why is almost everything sold out?! Lebkuchen becomes available for Pre-Order in late August every year and customers reserve their favourites for delivery later in the Fall when it arrives fresh from Germany. This year's shipment is almost entirely reserved.

You are welcome to join our email list so we can let you know if more stock becomes available and so you'll be the first to know when next year's Lebkuchen becomes available to Pre-Order. Click here to leave your email address.

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