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Pre-Order Items at Gingerbread World

Gingerbread World imports all of its products from Europe. Most items (especially edibles) arrive in early November in time for the Holiday Season. Only one shipment of Lebkuchen and confections comes each season. We start pre-selling items to customers who pay now to reserve the item they want to ensure it is available to them for Christmas. We have been selling this way for almost 25 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I order a Pre-Order item today when will my credit card (or PayPal account) be charged?

You will be charged today to reserve a Pre-Order item that will be shipped later in the Fall when it arrives in our Canadian warehouse from Europe.

Why do I have to pay now for an item I won't get for a few months?

Only one shipment of each category is brought into Canada each year. If you want a specific item it is a good idea to reserve it now with your payment or risk it being out of stock later in the Fall. For the past two years Lebkuchen items have sold out by December 2 with many of the most popular items selling out in October and November.

Can you tell me approximately when my item will be available?

Here are some general dates for each category:

  • Lebkuchen Schmidt and Gluten Free Lebkuchen - arrive early November

  • Advent Calendars - arrive late October

  • Chocolate, Marzipan and Confections - arrive late October

  • Wooden Ornaments (Smokers, Nutcrackers, Nativities, etc.) - some are in stock and ready to ship now - look for a tab in the Description marked Available Now, new items arrive mid-October

What if some of the items I choose are available now and some later?

Gingerbread World ships all items at ONE TIME. That means that your order will wait until all items are in stock and available to ship. may choose to split your order and have in stock items shipped right away will be charged freight for both orders.

What if I have questions down the road about where my order is at?

We would be happy to answer those questions as best we can. You are welcome to email us at or to call us toll free at 1-800-309-5559

Thanks so much,

Tamara Roehr
Owner @ Gingerbread World