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Knox Räucherkerzen Smoker Incense - Cannabis

German Incense is not just for Christmas! Although this scent may be exactly what you need during the frantic Christmas Season!

Cannabis scented incense cones from Knox introduced in 2018 have already been a hit in Europe and North America!

Burn German incense cones alone in a metal fireproof dish or in an authentic German Smoker Figure. See our whole Collection of Smoker Figures here.

I got to visit the Knox Manufactory in a small village in Germany. There they have a museum that shows the history of incense cones in the Erzgebirge area and has a demonstration area to show how they are made. Read about my visit in our Blog.

Made with natural ingredients. See our whole Collection of German Incense Cones here.

Incense Cones come in sealed packages of 24 cones
Suitable for Smokers that are at least 15 cm in height
Product of Germany 
CAUTION: Not intended for consumption. Burning cones are very hot - handle with care