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Richard Glässer Incense Smoker - Teutonic Biker

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I found this menacing looking dude while visiting the Richard Glässer booth at the Christmas Trade Show in Frankfurt Germany and I knew right away we had to have him in the shop!

The Teutonic Biker is a smoker figure - hide a smouldering cone of incense in his belly and watch as the aromatic smoke curls up through his mouth as if he's really smoking that cigarette in his hand!

Smoker Figures or Räuchermännchen are traditional folk art pieces designed in the mid-1800's by the toy makers of the Erzgebirge region in north east of Germany. Artisans continue to handcraft these wooden wonders in small workshops using both traditional methods and modern technology. They continue to create the traditional designs but also introduce contemporary pieces like this Biker. 

14 cm in height
Scented cones sold separately.
The wooden trees in the backgrounds of the images are handcrafted in Denmark and available in our shop - click here