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Abtswinder Gewürz Spices - Hirchhornsalz Ammonium Carbonate

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Ammonium carbonate is used for leavening in cookies, flat biscuits, or crackers. In German baking, it's known as hirschhornsalz or hartshorn, and it is also called baker's ammonia. Ammonium carbonate lends a distinctive crispness and lightness to the baked good which is why it is still listed in certain traditional German recipes. It has a very strong, unpleasant odour when first heated, which totally dissipates once the baking is finished.

The Spruce Eats baking website is a fabulous resource for the backstory to German spices (in German "Gewürz ") incuding Hirchhornsalz or Hartshorn.

15 g Plastic Vial
Product of Germany

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