Lebkuchen Schmidt Elisen Favorites

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A favorite package that includes only the premium quality Elisen Lebkuchen made with a higher percentage of ground nuts - considered the "Rolls Royce" of Lebkuchen. Named after an ancient Lebküchner's daughter, Elisen have been the masterpieces of the Lebkuchen Guild since 1808.

4 types of Elisen Lebkuchen. 2.4 lbs/1095 g net

What's Inside

Elisen Favorites includes:

  • Premium Kaiser-Elisen-Lebkuchen, chocolate coated, no wheat flour in the dough, 270 g
  • Premium Nut-Elisen-Lebkuchen, 275 g
  • Premium Marzipan-Elisen-Lebkuchen, chocolate coated, 275 g
  • Premium Elisen-Lebkuchen, iced, 275 g

    Elisen Lieblinge beinhaltet:

    • Feinste schokolierte Kaiser-Elisen-Lebkuchen, ohne Mehl im Lebkuchenteig, 270 g
    • Feinste Nuss-Elisen-Lebkuchen, 275 g
    • Feinste schokolierte Marzipan-Elisen-Lebkuchen, 275 g
    • Feinste glasierte Elisen-Lebkuchen, 275 g

          • Shipping weight • Gesamtgewicht: approx. 2.87 lbs • ca. 1.3 kg
          • Size • Maße: 27 x 22.5 x 13,5 cm

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