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Lebkuchen Schmidt Lebkuchen of the Year 2023 Southern Elise

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Gingerbread World European Christmas Market - Schmidt Lebkuchen of the Year - Southern EliseEvery year the bakers at Schmidt's Lebkuchen bakery in Nuremberg come up with a special recipe for the Lebkuchen of the Year. Building on the ancient recipes and traditional methods, they add something special to enjoy each year.

For 2023, the Schmidt Lebkuchen of the Year is Southern Elise - a fusion of sunshine and spices.

The subtle sweetness of Sicilian blood oranges complements the light, buttery flavor of almonds and the perfect spice mixture of cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and other little secrets. The crunchy dark chocolate coating with 70% cocoa wraps it all up for optimal yumminess.

Premium Southern Elise, no wheat flour in the dough
4 biscuits
290 grams (9.87 oz)

Lebkuchen Schmidt Nuremberg Gingerbread and Gifts by Gingerbread World

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