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Wendt & Kühn Grünhainichen Angel - Angel with Gingerbread & Bird

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Hair Colour: Dark Hair

Gingerbread World imports many wonderful and delicious things from Germany especially during the Christmas Season. And German gingerbread (Lebkuchen) is our biggest line so it seemed only right to include Wendt & Kühn's Angel with Lebkuchen Heart in our Collection.

The details on the tiny Lebkuchen heart are hand painted. And if you could blow up the image enough you would see that the breast of the bird has been detailed as well. The little bird carries a letter in its mouth - I wonder what message it brings (and to whom?!).

Named for the town in Germany where these precious figures are made, the Grünhainichen Angels were first sketched and created in 1923 by founder Grete Wendt. Each Angel has exactly eleven white dots on their little green wings – their famous trademark the world over.

Made in Grünhainichen, Germany
Height of Figure - 6 cm or 2.5"
Comes in its own Wendt & Kühn gift box