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Christmas Shopping Here We Come! Only 300+ Days Left

Gingerbread World is packing its bags and going shopping!

For a second year in a row I am traveling to Germany to visit several trade shows to shop for beautiful and unique items to add to our online shop and to our catalog.

My trip starts next week in Toronto at the Canada Gift Show where I'll be looking for wholesalers who are importing lines that our customers may be interested in. It's great to have some suppliers here in Canada that stock products on this Continent as bringing stock in from Europe takes quite a while and is expensive. I am most excited to look into a line of beautiful products by the German company Räder - I think a line of greeting cards in the German language would be ideal.

Gingerbread World German imports for CanadaI am very lucky this year to have my middle daughter Signe join me for the trip over to Frankfurt. But she's not really coming along to spend time with me - she's very excited to be visiting our two exchange students who live in Detmold. Signe will be hanging out with Laura and Carolin for the weekend and she even gets to attend school with them for a couple of days!

While Signe is partying in Detmold I've got quite an agenda - the ChristmasWorld and PaperWorld shows in Frankfurt, the massive (and yummy!) Sweets and Snacks Show in Cologne/Köln (where I look forward to meeting our friend Jurgen from Lebkuchen Schmidt).

Gingerbread World - Niederegger Marzpan imported from GermanyI am also making a special pilgrimage to the home of Marzipan in Lübeck up in the north of Germany. My mouth is already watering in anticipation of visiting their Cafes - yes, I intend to eat something at both of them!!! Then I'll do some shopping at the Marzipanerie and check out the life-size models of famous Germans made completely out of Marzipan! I'm hoping for a tour of the factory as well but I'll have to pull some strings to make that happen!!

I'll be posting updates and photos on the Gingerbread World Facebook page and on Instagram - follow us if you'd like and I'd love to hear your comments about the types of products I'm looking into over there!

Gingerbread World Owner Tamara RoehrTamara Roehr
Owner of Gingerbread World

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