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Gingerbread World European Ware Haus brings Danish design elements by The Oak Men to Canada

Danish Design Arrives at Gingerbread World's European Ware Haus

I am so excited to introduce our newest Collection from Europe. I have been following The Oak Men of Denmark on Instagram for almost a year and finally we have their Scandinavian designs in the shop here in Canada.

Who are The Oak Men? Let's let them introduce themselves:

Gingerbread World European Ware Haus - The Oak Men Denmark - owners and makers

At The Oak Men we love wood and cool stuff. Most of all we are woodworkers. That is why our products originate from craftmanship.

Sturdy materials and simplicty is our policy. Oak is our favourite material and together with leather, lino, brass and other elements they combine beautifully in the elegant wooden structures.

We create products that can - and must! - be used everyday in your home to decorate and delight.

We are a feisty Danish design brand offering everlasting interior articles and accessories. We are Oak Men and Women.

Where are they from?

Gingerbread World European Ware Haus - The Oak Men made in beautiful Denmark

The Oak Men workshop is near the city of Aarhus in Denmark. The only city I really know in Denmark is Copenhagen and I only know Copenhagen because I've never been there but always have wanted to visit! All I can tell you about where The Oak Men are from is that they are nowhere near Copenhagen but where they are from is absolutely beautiful!

What are the items they make and are available in our shop here in Canada?

It was The Oak Men's wooden Christmas Trees that I first fell in love with. And then it was the wonderfully clever and modern Magnetic Tray with "Pimp Kit".  And then I realized I couldn't live without the Lebowskis in my shop!!
Gingerbread World European Ware Haus - The Oak Men - Natural Wood Modern Design Elements made in Denmark and now available in Canada

Add one of the gorgeous Scandinavian design elements to your home or delight someone and send it to them as a gift!



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