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Gingerbread World European Easter Market Blog - Five Fun Activities for Easter

Five Fun Activities for Easter – For Kids, Teens and Adults!

Easter is a delightful occasion – hopeful…with Spring in the air! It’s also another good excuse to bring friends and family together to celebrate with good food (ie. chocolate and confections!!), good conversation and perhaps doing something fun together.

My older sister always had an activity planned for the kids and teens as our own children were growing up – something to keep them occupied while the adults visited or something to do with the adults that created a bond in creating something together. Now that my kids are young adults I am so grateful for the friendships that have been made between generations.

I kept the activity concept in mind when I was choosing pieces for this year’s Easter Collections at Gingerbread World. Here are five activities we thought would be fun to do in preparation for and during the Easter season:

Painting Eggs – with a Twist!

Painting (or dying) Eggs at Easter is pretty standard but what if you could make your own Egg and then paint it!?! We got very excited when one of our favourite workshops in Scandinavia created Easter Egg ornaments and then…made them in natural wood so you can decorate them yourself!

Lovi Finland is the creator of these clever 3D puzzle figures and ornaments. The ornaments come ready to assemble – that’s the first part of the fun. Very easy to follow instructions are included. Basically you slide the sheets of plywood out of the package, click out the pieces and slide them together. You can paint the individual pieces or assemble the Eggs and then paint. If you’re sending these as a gift you could also choose to include Lovi’s Water Colour Paint Set with Brush.

And it’s not just Egg ornaments that you can paint for Easter (or any other time of the year)…Lovi has created all sorts of delightful figures like the very cute Easter Bunnies as well as dogs, cats, birds and trees.

Make an Easter Tree and Decorate it!
Gingerbread World Uniquely European Easter Market Blog - Five Fun Activities for Easter - How to make an Easter Tree
An Easter Tree or Ostereierbaum is a German tradition I learned from my mother-in-law. It can be as simple as a bundle of dry branches from your yard in a jug or vase decorated with Easter ornaments. Or you can take it up a notch and add some felted wool stems – the willow branches are wonderful for Spring and a the Branch with Green Leaves is perfect to hang ornaments on. Get more info on Easter Trees in a Blog I wrote a while ago - click here.

This year we brought in more Easter ornaments than ever so you can fill your branches with lovely things in felted wool or wood. And after Easter you can re-decorate the Tree with spring ornaments – my favourites for Spring décor this year are the little wooden Apples and the felted wool Strawberries.

Cookie Decorating

The fabulous engraved Rolling Pins from Poland continue to be a fan favourite. You can dress up cookies or pastry dough with Easter and Springtime patterns. We brought in more cookie cutters this year as well as a wonderful Cookie Decorating Set that includes cutters and icing bags and tips (plus it’s just a gorgeous gift set!).
Gingerbread World Uniquely European Easter Market Blog - Five Fun Activities for Easter - Decorating Cookies
More on cookies…I’ve had this idea for awhile to create a cookie especially for adults! You know it as the Hershey Kiss cookie but here’s a boozy little twist: replace the Hershey’s Kiss with a Jamaican Rum Egg, a Marzipan Egg (with or without Egg Liqueur – I’d go for with!!) or one of the liqueur-filled dark chocolate eggs.

There are recipes on the Net with and without peanut butter. I chose the without recipe as I thought there is enough going on with the chocolate and liqueur. These are definitely pop-the-whole-thing-in-your-mouth-at-one-time cookies as the liqueur runs all over the place if you don’t. It’s a shot cookie!!!!

Decorating with Lidatorp Candle Holders

These candle holders continue to be one of my favourite items in the shop. If you read along with our Blogs you’ll know that I personally went all the way to Sweden to get them!! And they do not disappoint – you can dress them up for any and all occasions! In the short video below, Elizabeth shows you what she did wit her Lidatorp for this Easter:

Fun and Yummy Napkin Rings

This is super easy but adds a bit of fun and yum to the Easter table. Create Napkins Rings with the Storz chocolates on cardboard Easter graphics. Use stiffer craft paper or colourful construction paper to make a ring (or tube) about 1" in diameter (perhaps a little bigger if you are using linen napkins). Staple or hot glue the ends of the paper together to form the ring. Then glue the Carrot Cruncher or Easter Chick milk chocolate from the shop onto the ring. Pull the paper or fabric napkin through the ring and voila!
Gingerbread World Uniquely European Easter Market Blog - Five Fun Activities for Easter - Napkin Rings with Easter Chocolates
We'd love to hear how you decorate for Easter and about your traditions for celebrating. Leave a comment below or email us at

Cheers and Happy Easter!

Owner @ Gingerbread World's European Easter Market
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