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Gluten Free Lebkuchen - A Tasty Solution for our Celiac Customers

Gluten Free Lebkuchen - A Tasty Solution for our Celiac Customers

Gingerbread World is delighted to be partnering again in 2018 with Fraunholz Elisen Lebkuchen to bring Gluten Free Lebkuchen to Canada. We are asked often for specialty Lebkuchen to suit various dietary needs and we're thrilled to have found such a tasty solution for our celiac customers. 
Gingerbread World Blog - Gluten Free and Vegan Lebkuchen from Nuremberg
Fraunholz is an entirely wheat free bakery in its third generation as a family-owned and operated business. Founded in 1911 they have been baking premium quality Elisen Lebkuchen gluten free by replacing flour with more almonds and hazelnuts. The higher the content of nuts and nut oil in Lebkuchen the nuttier the flavour (obviously) but also the softer and moister the cookie.

Gingerbread World Blog - Gluten Free and Vegan LebkuchenI had the good fortune of visiting the bakery this spring while traveling in Germany and I was so impressed with the friendly staff. Michael Fraunholz is the grandson of the founder of the bakery. He and his father manage the bakery and are hands on every day.

And "hands on" is an understatement! It is amazing to me that in this automated world Fraunholz still make their Lebkuchen largely by hand - literally placing each almond decoration on by hand, brushing the white glaze icing on by hand, pushing the large baking trays into the ovens by hand.

Fraunholz Gluten Free Lebkuchen are a little expensive but you know that each large , chewy, moist, nutty Christmas cookie has the love and respect of the Fraunholz bakers infused into it with "echt" German quality and pride of craftsmanship!

We got a lot of really good feedback from our customers in 2017 when we first introduced Fraunholz's GF Christmas Lebkuchen to our shop. And we are thrilled to be bringing it back to Canada for 2018 along with New Vegan Elisen Lebkuchen in an assortment of Glazed or Chocolate.

Gluten Free Lebkuchen. German Gingerbread Christmas Cookies for celiacs from Gingerbread World CanadaLooking forward to hearing your comments about the Gluten Free and Vegan Lebkuchen once you receive them in the mail. Like many of our Christmas products from Germany, GF and Vegan items will arrive in our warehouse in late October and we start shipping orders in early November.


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Kathy - September 2, 2018

I will be staying at Hotel Victoria on September 19th and 20th and hope to buy a gluten free Lebkuchen from your bakery. Would you have individual gingerbread or are they all prepackaged from your wonderful wheat free bakery?
And I believe your shop is in the Handwerkehof which should be right by Hotel Victoria. Thank you for providing a Wheat Free version. I will be embarking on an AMA Waterways river cruise and maybe I can recommend your wheat free Lebkuchen when they are docked in Nurnburg!

Thank you

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