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Tamara's Favorites for 2018 - A Christmas Gift Guide

Tamara's Favorites for 2018 - A Christmas Gift Guide

Gingerbread World Blog - Tamara's Favorite Christmas Items for 2018Hi there! I'm Tamara - owner of Gingerbread World (and also head order taker, box packer, product chooser, etc!!). Gingerbread World is a small company based in Winnipeg Canada but we've got big ideas for bringing the beauty and tastes of a European Christmas to North America.

I get to choose every product that goes into the Gingerbread World webshop and catalog (ok, there is one product that I did not choose - my daughter mandated that I include it - and now it's actually in my Favorites List!!).

There are several things I look for when adding new items to my Shop:
  • they should be made in Europe (or in some cases they should at least look like they're European!)
  • they should be made by companies that are the best in their category and ideally have an interesting company story
  • they should be products that are premium quality, beautiful and have a story of their own - a story that my customers might share with their friends and family
I love each and every one of the items we have included in this year's Collection. But of course there are some that I love more than others. I have pulled those together in a Collection called Tamara's Favorites - click here to see it.
Gingerbread World Tamara's Favorites for 2018 Gift Guide
Here is my rationale for including each of those items:
Lebkuchen Schmidt Festive Gift Cube - I love this year's packaging - the bright white and blue. Plus this ready-to-give gift box contains many of my Lebkuchen favorites - chocolate anything, Marzipan Lebkuchen, Lebkuchen Hearts and Speculatius.

Lebkuchen Schmidt Christmas Market Chest - Again I love the German gingerbread cookies and pastries inside and the picture on the front of the chest reminds me of the many wonderful times I have been able to visit Christmas Markets in Germany.

Lebkuchen Schmidt's New Tin with Real Ribbon - What a cool concept...real ribbon tops this starry metal tin jam packed with Elisen Lebkuchen, Speculatius and the to-die-for Chocolate Fruit Cookies!

Lebkuchen Schmidt's New Owl Tin - I know I am going to have to fight my two daughters to be able to keep this gorgeous tin for myself once all the glazed and chocolate Lebkuchen cookies are eaten up. Totally love it!

Wicklein Lebkuchen Nutcracker Tin - Did yo uknow that Disney is coming out with a new movie in November based on the classic Nutcracker story. I thought it would be fun for parents and grandparents to take the children in their lives to the movie and then hand them a Nutcracker Tin as a gift. Plus the tin is filled with light gingebread cookies with a milk chocolate base.

Advent Calendars in general and the Fly Fishers Dream Calendar in particular - The notion of preparing for the Big Event (Christmas Eve/Day) by counting down the days of December is lovely. Add daily treats and it's fantastic! My Dad is a fisherman and particularly loves fly fishing. I actually really only meant to bring in a few of these Fly Fishing Calendars for friends and family but they took off and I've had to re-order!

Asbach Brandy Bottles - These little chocolate bottles pack a punch of real brandy (and really good brandy!). And I love the crystalized sugar lining on the inside that adds a sweet crunch. I keep these handy to pull out when visitors stop by during the Holidays and to sprinkle onto my plates of cookies and pastries.

Duplo and Ritter Cubes - Here is where my kids factor in! My middle daughter spent last spring in Germany as an exchange student and came home pretty much addicted to Duplo (so I had to bring it in!!). I like that the Duplo and the Ritter Choco Cubes are individually wrapped so I can pour them into bowls and leave them around the living room during a party!

Gingerbread World Niederegger Marzipan Canada - Marzipan StollenNiederegger Marzipan Stollen - Check out my Blog post about toasted Stollen. Stollen = good. Toasted Stollen = better. Toasted Stollen with Marzipan = Best!!!!

Fraunholz Gluten Free Chocolate Konfekt - I got to visit this wonderful little bakery in Nuremberg this summer and meet the couple that owns and runs it. They encouraged me to import the Konfekt as well as the other GF and Vegan Lebkuchen we bring in. And they were right - the Konfekt is soft, totally coated in chocolate and yummy.

Christmas Market Wooden Chest - we've brought back the wooden chest by popular demand and filled this year with some new treats and some classics. Plus we've included some colourful cocktail napkins and the fun (and controvesial!?) German Pickle Ornament made by hand in Germany.

Kaffeepause Chest - I created this new for 2018 for the coffee and tea lovers on your Christmas list. German coffee, English Christmas Tea, Chocolate Printen Cookies and a choice of 4 gorgeous mugs. I like the blue fox personally!

German Food Boxes - especially the Paprika Chips and the Picnic Box - This is something totally new and different we're trying for 2018 and I'm excited about the response. Our customers are ordering the boxes for themselves, sending it to family living in other cities, to grandkids in dorms. Lots of great gift ideas!

Gingerbread World Inge-Glas Canada - German Christmas Pickle Glass OrnamentAnything by Inge-Glas but especially the Avocado (trying to be a little hipster!), the German Pickle (I love the controversy!) and the 2018 Ornament of the Year because on February 27 it's going to be International Polar Bear Day!

Smokers, Nutcrackers, Nativities and Pyramids - German Christmas and German folk art married together in these beautiful, handcrafted items. I've pulled out my most favorite
Gingerbread World German Christmas Nutcracker in whimsical designs like the Queen of Englanditems - the colourful little Gardner Gnome Smoker. the jolly Night Watchman Smoker, the Nativity Ornament Set, the Gnome Pyramid (gnomes are cool!) and my very fave...
the Nutcracker Queen!

Hope you enjoy browsing through my Gift Guide of Favorites. Would love to hear your comments!


Owner @ Gingerbread World
Gingerbread World Favorites for 2018 - A Christmas Gift Guide
Gingerbread World Tamara's Favorites for 2018 Gift Guide
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