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Wendt und Kuehn Canada Blog - Giving Wendt und Kuehn Figures as Gifts

The Pleasure of Gifting Wendt und Kuehn Figures

Wendt und Kuehn Canada - Green and Gold Gift Box
The exquisite, handcrafted figures from Germany’s Wendt und Kuehn make beautiful gifts for pretty much anyone and for so many occasions. Each piece is a small work of art that conveys your message beautiful to its recipient.

Each figure comes in its own green and gold gift box ready for you to gift wrap or place in a gift bag with tissue. A reference in your card or note to the Wendt und Kuehn website ( will give context to your gift – the recipient can read about the long fascinating history of the company, the talented women who started to the business and find ideas for showing off their new figure in their home (or dorm room/office/cottage, etc).

Here are my suggestions for gifts at specific occasions:

Wendt & Kühn Gold Edition Grünhainichen Angel - Candlebearer Angel with Candelabra, No. 4
A Gold Edition Grünhainichen Angel celebrates the significance of this milestone with real 24-karat gold-plated details. “The Candle Bearer” Angel (Edition No. 4) speaks to the light of knowledge – what the grad has already acquired and where she may be headed in the future.

Teacher Gifts
Wendt und Kuehn Canada - Blumenkinder Boy with TulipIn this particularly challenging year of pandemic teachers have been all the more significant in students lives – a lifeline in isolated times. A gift of joy and hope would be much appreciated. Perhaps one of the Blumenkinder figures would be a lovely way to usher them into their much deserved summer break. There are many to choose from – my favourite is the Boy with Tulip.

Music Teacher Gifts
Wendt und Kuehn Canada - Orchestra Angels under Seiffener Volkskunst Light Arch Schwibbogen - web
The ever-growing Angel Orchestra has got to have your and your child’s musical instrument covered! Whether it’s the Angel with Drum Set, Angel with Violin or the brand NEW Angel with Bass Flute. There is an Angel Musician for everyone!

I have had the pleasure of chatting with customers who buy a new figure each year for a loved one’s birthday. Sometimes they buy a new figure for themselves at the same time!!
Wendt und Kuehn Canada - Gold Edition Angel with Butterly
I particularly remember a woman calling to order the delightful Gold Edition Angel with Butterfly for herself and her sisters to mark a birthday. Another fairly obvious option is the beautiful pair of Birthday Children bearing gifts of a candle wreath and a potted flower.

The Anniversary of a Death
Not long ago a mother called having seen the Blumenkinder Girl with Four Leaf Clover. Her adult daughter had passed away on St. Patrick’s Day and the figure would be a beautiful reminder of her daughter’s life. Other family members joined in and now there is a network of memories and love in the form of a little wooden figure. I still tear up when I remember this beautiful story.

Valentine’s Day
Wendt und Kuehn Canada - Gold Edition Angel Figures
Oh I love this occasion when it comes to giving W&K as a gift! Again the Gold Edition Collection comes through with some romantic options like the Angel of Love with Gold Heart and the very first Gold Edition Angel ever released – Cupid.

Thinking of You Gifts
My all-time favourite type of gift – the kind that arrives out of nowhere just to brighten your day and let you know you are loved. A delightful idea is the pair of Goodwill Children each of who carries a tiny bouquet of flowers and an envelope with a heart. The Angel with Cake and Heart delivers the whole message right there – what better things in friendship are there than love and sweets! The Gold Edition “Well Wisher” Angel (No. 7) offers a gold-plated gift.
Wendt und Kuehn Canada - Giving W&K Figures as Gifts
Well this is a category that needs a whole Blog post of its own!! Wendt und Kuehn and Christmas were made for each other! But if you are planning ahead for the Holidays consider some of the items that Collectors enjoy to display and show off and store their collections of figures – the Angel Mountains, the specially made treasure box storage boxes for Angels and Blumenkinder.
Wendt und Kuehn Canada - Display your Collection of Angels and Figures
Although the New Light Arch is not made by Wendt und Kuehn it sure seems like it was made just for hi-liting several figures on a shelf or coffee table.

I would love to hear your ideas and stories of giving W&K figures at any occasion. Email or call or leave a comment below – it would be wonderful to connect!

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