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Top Ten Advent Calendars for 2022

Top Ten Advent Calendars for 2022

Gingerbread World European Christmas Market - Top ten Advent Calendars for 2022
Every year we challenge ourselves to find even more and even more unique Advent Calendars for all adults and kids. We think our line up for 2022 is pretty good – and obviously you thought so too as some of the Calendars are already sold out!

For the Children

Wooden toys from Germany have always been a love of mine. So I was thrilled to find 2 Advent Calendars from Haba Toys with a little wooden toy behind each window. But even more fabulous is the story book and games that come with the box and create fun activities to do with the children in your life and hopefully keep them occupied when you need to get other things accomplished.

The Haba Toys “My First Advent Calendar” is available in two options:
Explore the Farmyard with Theo the Raven and his friends who work together to save Christmas
New to the Shop: Christmas in the Bear Cave – toys, story book and games to enjoy as you help the Bear family get ready for the Holidays

For Teens

Gingerbread World Chupa Chups Advent Calendar with lollipops, gum and candy
Impress a teenager with some fun and funky candy in the Chupa Chups Advent Calendar. Candy, chewing gum and the famous Chupa Chups lollipops to be enjoyed each day of the countdown.

The Räder Design Advent Calendar Fillable Gift Bags is a wonderful way to personalize the festive season for a teen. Fill each bag with some chocolates or candy or maybe make up, lip gloss, key chains, gift cards, personal notes, photos or whatever you can think of. Then leave the classy little bag to be found each day!

For the People with Hobbies

The Fresh Water Fishing Advent Calendar is a big catch (!!) for folks who love fishing gear. Love that it comes with a tackle box that gets filled with lures, worms and other fishy stuff! And if Fly Fishing is more your thing (or their thing) we’ve got you covered there too with the Fly Fish Dream Advent Calendar. Both of these Calendars are designed and assembled in Canada!
Gingerbread World European Christmas Market - Top ten Advent Calendars for 2022 - For People who love to fish

If there is a hard core tool enthusiast needing an Advent Calendar we are really excited to offer the Wera Tools Calendar. Tools made in Germany. The first window in this big fabulous Calendar presents a canvas tools pouch that gets filled with screw drivers and bits and there are some great bonuses – a handy bottle opener, a magnetizer and a bit pack. The following video is not made by us and it’s a little long but if you want ALL the details on this Calendar take a peek:

For people with Allergies

Allergy friendly Advent Calendar
The “No Whey” Advent Calendar is made in a dedicated facility free from the top 8 common food allergens and is gluten free. This product is dairy free, peanut free, tree nut free, soy free, wheat free, egg free, fish free, shellfish free, and gluten free AND…the little pieces of “chocolate” behind each door are YUMMY. I just opened a case of these Calendars last week and breathed in chocolatey aroma!

For people who need some stress relief during the Holiday Season

During the busy days leading up to Christmas a soothing cup of tea can be the stress reliever some of us need to get through a day! And when it’s fair trade organic teas with lovely flavours it’s all the better! The book-style Calendar from The English Tea Shop is available in festive red or green and delivers a hot cuppa each morning!
Gingerbread World European Christmas Market - organic Teas Advent Calendars

Gingerbread World Advent Calendars from Europe
Lighting a candle is a balm to a harried heart! The Countdown Advent Candles are a beautiful way to slow down the day while you enjoy the flickering flame. Light the candle and watch as it burns down to the next day’s marker. The Taper Candles in white or red are festively decorated. The Pyramid Candles in white, red or green stand on their own on any suitable surface. The red Taper Candle is pictured here with the porcelain candle holder and trees from Räder Germany (also available in our shop).

The most popular Advent Calendars every year are already sold out for 2022 but we would be happy to add you to our special email list for these Calendars for 2023 - click here to sign up. The Bonne Maman Calendar is a book-style set up with 24 little glass pots of jams, spreads and honey. The Schmidt bakeries Calendar offers bite sized samples of traditional German Christmas cookies like Lebkuchen, vanilla crescents and cinnamon stars.
Gingerbread World European Christmas Market - Top Ten Advent Calendars 2022
This Advent Season give the gift of a countdown Calendar. Have fun choosing exactly the right one for each person on your gift list. Find our whole Collection of Advent Calendars by clicking here.

Make the Countdown Count!
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