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Omas, iPhones and Instagram

Win the Battle for the Hearts, Minds and Thumbs of your grandchildren this Christmas!

Gingerbread World Generations Contest - Lebkuchen for life!“Put that device away” will be a command (or plea?) in countless homes across the country this Christmas.

Parents and grandparents will demand that kids put down their phones and get back to reality – and to actually have a real conversation!

Can Lebkuchen be your best tool against social media distraction this Christmas

Not exactly – Lebkuchen will not solve the ongoing struggle against our childrens’ preoccupation with their iPhones and Androids. But...

Here’s an idea to at least get you engaging with the young people in your home this Christmas – and even your young friends across the country/globe!

Bonus: You get to look like the hippest Oma out there, and both you and your grandchild could win a prize from Gingerbread World.

Here’s how it works (and it doesn’t even matter that you and I don’t totally understand this stuff, because to the kids in our lives, this Instagram stuff is second nature!):

Gingerbread World Generations Contest on InstagramGet your kids/grandkids to take a “selfie” (a photograph!) of you and them with the Lebkuchen you purchased this holiday season – you could be eating it, stacking it, fighting over it, whatever!!! Then get them to post the image to Instagram with the hashtag below. They are going to be totally impressed with you when you start talking “hashtags”!

If your grandkids are across the country this Christmas, that’s okay – they’ll know how to create a collage of photos of you and them and post that to Instagram, too.

To qualify for the contest, make sure your family knows to include the following hashtag: #GingerbreadWorldGenerations and mention us, @GingerbreadWorld.

This is key! It ensures we can track down your entries, plus you can check out submissions by other happy Gingerbread World families. (We encourage you to also use the following hashtags to spread your Christmas cheer: #GingerbreadWorld #Lebkuchen #LebkuchenCanada #Lebkuchen #GingerbreadworldLebkuchen.)

Speaking of entries, your kids and grandkids can submit more than one! They can post a new unique photo every day, and each photo will qualify as an additional entry into our contest. The more creative, endearing or just plain silly - the better!

We’ll be accepting entries until midnight on January 1, 2015. We’ll post three of our favorite photos on our Instagram and Facebook accounts, and send it to a vote. The photo with the MOST Likes in total by midnight, January 15, 2014, will win these fabulous prizes below:

Gingerbread World Generations Contest - Win a Ritter Sport chocolate package

Ritter Sport Chocolate Package                   Lebkuchen Schmidt Nuremberg Winter Chest
FOR THE KIDS                                            FOR THE GRANDPARENTS


Here at Gingerbread World, we are fascinated by how a “thing” like Lebkuchen can bring together generations and create opportunities for grandparents to talk about their own experiences of growing up. And how those small opportunities may open up larger conversations about heritage, culture, values and the importance of remembering. 

Join us in our big Gingerbread World Instagram Generations Contest this Christmas season, and then wait to hear who the winners are in the New Year. Winners will be announced in mid-January.

Merry Christmas to All!

Tamara Roehr
Gingerbread World

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