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Candles, Greens and a Herrnhuter Star

Candles, Greens and a Herrnhuter Star

The Small Herrnhuter Stars add light and colour to year-round decor. Match them with candles and greens on a platter or in a large bowl to make an eye-catching centre piece. I am not a crafty person but I am so enjoying exploring new ways to display these Stars. I also love the backstory of the Stars themselves and the company in Germany where they are still made by hand. So I get a beautiful decoration and a great conversation starter in one!
European Ware Haus by Gingerbread World - How to Display a Small Herrnhuter Moravian Advent Star
For this project I purchased a round glass bowl with just a 2 1/4" (5.5 cm) side. The bottom of the dish was not perfectly even so I cut a small piece of cardboard to lay under the candles so that they would stand straight and not fall over.

I placed the candles in a grouping and hid the battery pack behind them making sure that the on/off switch was facing up and outward. This of course means that the bowl can't really be displayed in the middle of a table as then the battery pack would be exposed. I placed my dish in front of a big Poinsettia plant.

The Herrnhuter Small Star comes with a lightbulb and the cords to plug it into a power pack. There are three options for power packs - the battery pack which is what I prefer, the AC Adaptor that plugs into a standard wall plug and a USB cord that plugs into a phone charging block. These are sold separate to the Star.
European Ware Haus by Gingerbread World - How to Display a Small Herrnhuter Moravian Advent Star
Once you have removed the Star from its box simply push the lightbulb in its star point into the hole in the Star. Then connect the other ends of those wires into the power source. It doesn't matter which wire plugs into which port AND if you are displaying 2 Stars in your bowl you can plug both Stars into the same power pack by plugging the second set of wires over top of the first.

If the light does not go on immediately check that the battery pack is turned to the on position and that the LED lightbulb is properly screwed into the socket.

Once I plugged the Star into the battery pack and used the twist tie to hold the remaining length of wire together I placed the bundle at the bottom of the dish. Then I arranged the greens over the wires and around the candles and placed the Star on top of the greens. I used fake Christmas greens but you could also use moss, succulents, glass ornaments, nuts in the shell, pine cones, Easter eggs...the list goes on. The Dollar Store has all sorts of interesting options for us to try!

I tried this centre piece with three different Star colours - White, Mint (the 2020 Star colour of the Year) and Green. I thought the coloured Stars would pick up the green in the candles. I think the Mint is my favourite. What do you think?
European Ware Haus by Gingerbread World - How to Display a Small Herrnhuter Moravian Advent Star
Also take a look at the display I created with a glass jar and the Red and Yellow Herrnhuter Stars. There are so many great ideas of how to show off and display the Small Herrnhuter Stars...I've got a whole Board on Pinterest with ideas from all over the world.

The Herrnhuter Stars are available here in our shop in various sizes and colours. In addition to these Small Stars there are larger Paper Stars to hang inside your home and larger Plastic Stars to hang at your front door or in the garden or patio.


Owner @ the European Ware Haus by Gingerbread World
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